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  • October 27, 2016

Two Los Angeles Highways Tied in a Bow

Two Los Angeles Highways Tied in a Bow

Two Los Angeles Highways Tied in a Bow 150 150 admin

A super highway interchange in Los Angeles is a pretty concrete ribbon

ALL of Our Private Tour Guests Are Glad We Are Driving

People think of Los Angeles as a city of highways.  They are correct.  Perhaps that is why we refer to the freeways most often by just their numbers and overlook the freeway or highway designation, route or thruway prefix and even the proper name given to long stretches of multi-lane roadway crisscrossing our grand metropolis.  For instance, the complex interchange above is, to us, the interchange of the 110 and the 105.  The large boulevard crossing through this pretty ribbon of concrete is Imperial Highway.  To say our freeway system is confusing is an understatement.  Believe it or not, in this extraordinary landscape of freeways, we have major highways that do not connect to one another.  Really!  Los Angelenos know where these non-interchanges are and know how to use the city streets to get from the 101N to the 134E.  Our guides are among the best navigators we know (we test them regularly).  They are premiere players of our Los Angeles “Best Route To Get There” game.  Even more, they are wired into traffic through cellphone apps and websites such as and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.  Since each Los Angeles private tour we do is set to the convenience of our guests we have to be able to navigate through all parts of the city at any time of the day or night.  Accidents, construction and just plain dumb luck can make it necessary to include a colorful detour into what is usually a straight route between two sightseeing destinations.  Our guides do this pretty much every day and are excellent at getting around Los Angeles.  Do you want to enjoy getting around Los Angeles?  Let us do the driving.  Oh, by the way, even better for avoiding traffic is sightseeing by helicopter which is how we got this photograph of the freeway exchange.

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