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  • November 7, 2016

The Laugh Factory Remembers the Laughter

The Laugh Factory Remembers the Laughter

The Laugh Factory Remembers the Laughter 150 150 admin

The Laugh Factory in Hollywood remembers Kevin Meaney

Kevin Meaney Means Something to Our Private Tour

Comedy is very important when you live in a big city.  Los Angeles celebrates comedy like no where else.  We have major comedy clubs, like the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard, where the very best comics, comedians and extraordinarily funny people draw crowds of laughter-seeking folks night after night.  If traffic getting to the club gets you down then be happy because you have belly laughs coming.  Think of it as aerobic psychotherapy.  Expect heavy, fast breathing and tears as your fears and sadness dissipate into the Hollywood evening.  But even funny people get sad when one of their own passes on and the comedy clubs acknowledge this.  Kevin Meaney, amusing us for almost forty years, departed recently for a long-term gig in heaven.  The Laugh Factory marquee became an epitaph and the stage an altar to honor Kevin’s fine work and the great memories we all have of him on late night television, sitcoms and, of course, on stage himself right here at the Laugh Factory.  A Los Angeles private tour is generally an amusing affair, our guides all have comedy training and experience, but they recognize the fleeting presence of the best of the best who make it to Hollywood and will speak respectfully of all the greats as they show our guests where comedy is king at the most famous clubs in America that they pass by while sightseeing.

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