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  • January 10, 2017

The Biggest Sign in Hollywood

The Biggest Sign in Hollywood

The Biggest Sign in Hollywood 150 150 admin

The youngest member of our private tour today presents the Hollywood Sign

This Private Tour Guest Can Spell Hollywood

You don’t have to be big to enjoy a private tour of Hollywood.  Our littlest guests love the twisty turns of the roads we take up to the great Hollywood Sign.  Like their parents their jaws drop when we take them to our secret spot to first see the sign up close.  Such big letters on the mountainside and they spell them out in grand Sesame Street style (we will take them to see Kermit the Frog when we return to town later).  And, for their parents, we get many good photographs of the kids reveling in the wide panorama of Hollywood and the sea seen from this lofty perch just beneath the landmark sign.  The kids want to know how tall each letter is (45 feet) and how long the sign is (350 feet across).  Mom and dad are more interested in when the sign was erected and why (1923 to advertise a new housing development called Hollywoodland).  Yes, four letters from the original sign are gone (as are the lights) these days and the film industry appropriated the novelty of the attraction for itself.  It was Hollywood, though, that saved the sign in 1978 (thank you Hugh Hefner and friends) with a complete restoration.  Thanks, too, to Sherwin-Williams for a repainting and restoration job four years ago.  According to our young guests all the sign needs now is a giant swing underneath.  Hear that, Hollywood?

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