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  • January 11, 2017

Los Angeles Grows Tall

Los Angeles Grows Tall

Los Angeles Grows Tall 800 523 admin

A panorama view of downtown Los Angeles with Hollywood just below

Construction Cranes Catch the Eyes of Our Private Tour

Our little city on the sea, Los Angeles, is growing.  Taller it seems.  Where once the U.S. Bank Building was the tallest building west of the Mississippi now there is the Wilshire Grand Center tower just a skosh taller.  From Mulholland Drive behind the Hollywood Bowl looking east the new skyscraper adds a bit of balance to the downtown skyline.  Even though it is not yet open we are already eager to visit the new building.  Just imagine the views afforded by such a majestic height.  In the meantime we can take our guests enjoying a private tour of Los Angeles to the top of the former tallest building (only 81′ shorter, officially) where there is not only a restaurant and observation deck but perhaps the scariest sliding board in the world.  The plastic chute is fashioned outside of the building and runs from one floor to another.  Take about an adventure tour!  Besides the giant skyscraper rapidly nearing completion in downtown Los Angeles as you can see in the photograph above there are many construction cranes in Hollywood.  Downtown Los Angeles has been preserving the old historic buildings for the most part and adapting and reusing them for new businesses and residences.  Hollywood on the other hand is tearing down the old and building new structures.  Progress marches on, as the old newsreels use to say (for those of you who remember newsreels in this age of cellphone notifications and headlines).  We are happy that production facilities and technology will remain in and around Hollywood as it grows into the future.

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