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  • September 21, 2015

Los Angeles City Hall – Tower of Power

Los Angeles City Hall – Tower of Power

Los Angeles City Hall – Tower of Power 150 150 admin

Los Angeles City Hall, it's tallest building, under construction in 1928

The City Hall Building in Downtown Los Angeles

Familiar to Our Private Tour Guests

Downtown Los Angeles (we refer to it as DTLA) has been undergoing a significant metamorphosis in recent years as most cities do in their lifetimes.  A cycle of boom growth is followed by stasis and then dereliction before a new period of redevelopment takes hold.  L.A. Live in the south part of the city has rejuvenated the city as has adaptive reuse of some of the old office buildings and renovation of the Broadway theaters.  Downtown Los Angeles is happening once again.  The tallest building downtown before the modern era was the 32-story City Hall building.  Made with concrete that used sand from each of the state’s 58 counties and water from every historic mission on El Camino Real (the Royal Roadway) the building was the highest point in the city until 1964.  Even more important is the recognition the building receives from movie lovers and television watchers who have seen the impressive exterior from all angles over its entire history.  Whether playing itself or substituting for the municipal center of an unnamed or different city, the filmography of Los Angeles City Hall is as impressive as the cast of characters who have run the city over the course of its relatively short history.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests interested in downtown can visit City Hall and its wonderful observation deck to look over the north part of the downtown core where they can see Japan Town, Chinatown, Olvera Street and Union Station.

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