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  • November 25, 2016

Hollywood Ray-Ban Man

Hollywood Ray-Ban Man

Hollywood Ray-Ban Man 150 150 admin

The Hollywood Sign is reflected in our private tour guest's Ray-Ban sunglasses

Our Private Tour Guests Love This Photograph We Take

So many of our guests are wearing sunglasses on their Los Angeles private tour that when we drive into the hills to show them the Hollywood Sign up close we have an opportunity to not only capture their first look at the great historic billboard but we also can see the sign reflected in their Ray-Ban glasses.  This is always a favorite photograph among all the photos we take of our guests as we explore Hollywood and Beverly Hills and then maybe head over to the coast for some sightseeing through the L.A. beach communities.  Their tour photo album from us is always treasured even when they are taking their own photographs.  We can tour for hours if our guests are interested.  That’s a lot of pictures.  Maybe today, after all the Thanksgiving feasting, doing some hearty walking around and hiking in the hills and along the ocean’s edge will be a good way to spend the day.  Of course, it is also Black Friday, so it’s a good thing we have a lot of spare room in our SUVs for packages if sightseeing becomes shopping on Rodeo Drive, Robertson, Melrose and Montana and other exclusive shopping areas where the movie stars roam.  The beauty of our custom tour is we can change direction and intention as we go along.

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