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  • January 6, 2017

Getty Museum – Buildings and Grounds

Getty Museum – Buildings and Grounds

Getty Museum – Buildings and Grounds 150 150 admin

Here is a beautiful aerial view of the Getty Museum from our tour helicopter

The Getty Museum Impresses Our Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

Depending on which heliport we depart from on a luxury helicopter tour of Los Angeles (Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Burbank or a downtown skyscraper) we do not see the beautiful Getty Museum atop its mountain ridge in Brentwood until well into the hour-long flight.  Our guests have already been impressed with the layout of this vast city (we only see a portion of the 500 square miles of the city proper).  We have probably seen (custom tours is all we do so our routes are not determined in advance) downtown Los Angeles with its gigantic modern towers (the brand new and not quite opened Wilshire Grand Center) and now not so tall historic towers (the infamous city hall building everyone remembers from the television cop show Dragnet).  Other grand buildings and extraordinary homes have been pointed out along the way.  Then we find ourselves following the mountains and there atop a tall ridge overlooking the entire Los Angeles Basin is the Getty Museum.  It is composed of a wild mixture of rectilinear and circular structures with beautifully landscaped gardens all around.  We see the snaking path of the electric funicular that delivers visitors to the museum from the parking area below.  The wide swath of the Santa Monica Freeway curves up through a canyon just to the east of this museum and art conservation facility.  And this is just the jawdropping beauty of the outside of the Getty.  Imagine what our guests get to see when they visit the museum (either with us or independently) and walk through the galleries.  This is what $1.3 BILLION dollars will get you (and that’s 1997 dollars).  But since 1.3 million visitors enjoy the museum each year the price was well worth it.  Plan a visit next year for the 20th anniversary and see for yourself what everyone is so excited about.  We will be flying over and driving over with our guests.  Join us.

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