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  • December 30, 2015

Fishing in Malibu Starts Early

Fishing in Malibu Starts Early

Fishing in Malibu Starts Early 150 150 admin

We are at the Malibu Pier early enough to see the fishing boat charter

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We prefer early morning tours in the winter months when they are not too early.  No matter what time the sun rises we can have our private Los Angeles tour guests somewhere on the coast to see the early risers take to the surf and the sea.  On a recent visit up the coast to Malibu we got to the Malibu Pier early enough to see a fishing charter preparing to depart from the pier’s end.  This great historic pier attracts surfers (a famous 3-point break) and fishermen and, of course, anyone loving beach culture.  We like it mostly for the views, the air and the food.  For a quick stop we visit the Malibu Farm Pier Café for a quality snack or stand up/walk around lunch.  For something a bit more formal there is the Malibu Farm Restaurant at the foot of the long wooden structure.  All foods here are organic and locally sourced according to Helene, the owner, and we can state that we are always very happy for an opportunity to eat at the Malibu Pier whenever we get a chance, sightseeing with our adventure seeking guests or just playing and hanging out by the sea with our own family and friends.

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