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  • November 9, 2016

Beverly Hills Cemetery for Halloween

Beverly Hills Cemetery for Halloween

Beverly Hills Cemetery for Halloween 150 150 admin

This cemetery appears once a year in Beverly Hills - on Halloween

A Cemetery Worth Visiting on a Halloween Private Tour

Talk about Halloween decorations, some of the very best in the world must be the ones we show our Los Angeles private tour guests as we drive through some of the fanciest neighborhoods in and around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  Some of these homes go all out for a real “spooky” experience.  A good example is this cemetery that we discovered as we were pointing out some of the beautiful celebrity homes we like to visit with our custom tour groups.  We didn’t count or Hollywood agent? Producer? Caterer? Some spirit resides here on Halloween.photograph all the grave markers but there were many more than what you can see in this picture.  Some Hollywood special effects after dark, maybe a loudspeaker playing the Mephisto Waltz or Night on Bald Mountain, and this could be the best of the best for Halloween house hunting.  Our After Dark tours generally focus on neon and nightlife in Los Angeles, sometimes the Griffith Observatory to observe the stars above Hollywood but at this time of year, Halloween, we look for the wonderful yard displays designed to be seen when the sun goes down.


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