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  • June 30, 2016

A Visit to Los Angeles’ Past

A Visit to Los Angeles’ Past

A Visit to Los Angeles’ Past 150 150 admin

Still from 1954 home movie driving into downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles Then and Now for Our Private Tour

Driving into Los Angeles you would never see daytime traffic so sparse as in this frame from a home made film of 1954.  Also, the tallest building downtown was City Hall just like so many of our private Los Angeles tour guests remember from the television series Dragnet with Jack Webb.  “This is the city, Los Angeles, California …”  While traffic is greater now we like to think that our large SUV is much more comfortable than the tall round vehicles of those days.  We probably get better mileage too and pollute less.  City Hall remains an impressive structure to visit when we tour downtown but there are so many much, much taller skyscrapers today – a real skyline.  There is lots of history downtown, too, for our guests to explore with us if they are so inclined.  After all, Los Angeles began by a small river near where Union Station is today and walking distance from City Hall.

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